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"There are so many secret tips here that I can implement quickly in my speaking career. I’m a fan!” - Pravin Shekar, Professional Speaker

Speaker Marketing Training

Create speaking programs and keynote speaking offers that get you booked time and time again.

Our training will help you discover who your ideal client is, how to stand out in a crowded speaker marketplace, and how to make it impossible for the world to ignore you and your message.

Sell Your Speaking

Our in-depth training courses cover areas such as pricing, working with speaker bureaus, and how to go from a lead to a booked speaking gig.

You'll also learn how to find an almost unlimited supply of paid speaking opportunities and stages to speak on.

Presentation Skills Training

Learn how to be one of the best speakers in the business by developing your stage skills, speech writing, voice, body language, and powerful presentation skills.

It doesn't matter whether the stage is a virtual one, a small meeting for 100 people or a 2,000 person conference stage, we have the training for you.

Profit From Your Speaking

How do you go from a five or six-figure speaker to a seven-figure speaker? How can you speak less but make more?

In our trainings you'll discover how to leverage your time, message and personal brand.