How To Choose Your Speaking Topic

Find a unique theme and signature keynote topic to build a successful international speaking career and brand around.


What You'll Learn

  • Chances are you probably know a lot of things and can speak on a number of topics. Discover how to find the ONE topic and theme to build a speaker brand around.
  • Identifying your strengths as a speaker and categorizing your knowledge. 
  • A powerful technique to understand EXACTLY which words and phrases clients use when searching for speakers on your topic.
  • Did you know that a 'creativity keynote speaker' gets paid on average $5,000 less per speech than an 'innovation keynote speaker'? Discover how to choose a high-paying and in-demand speaking topic.
  • The riches are the niches. Use sub-topic identification techniques to create a USP in the market.
  • Want to reposition your speaker brand? Every speaker needs to refresh the topic and theme every so often to stay relevant. Discover how.
  • THE PHRASE THAT PAYS. To be a top flight keynote speaker you need one of these. 
  • How other famous speakers have identified their winning topic.
  • HOT TOPICS! Which topics event planners are currently speakers to talk about.
  • Linking your phrase that pays to a clients event theme.
  • Sure you could eventually figure out the topic and theme that will accelerate your speaking career. But why waste time. Just use the framework we outline in this training.
  • Can't decided between two great topics? How to choose the right one.

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What's Inside

Total Running Time: 50 minutes 8 seconds

Discover your unique theme and the perfect topic for you to speak on and build a speaking brand around.

First, discover the things you can speak about. Then, map these to the themes, topics and sub-topics that clients will ACTUALLY pay you to speak about. Finally, refine your topic and positioning in the market so you can stand out from the competition. 

Plus... you’ll also receive access to the all the slides for this training.

Lesson 1: Topic vs Sub-Topic vs Theme

Learn the difference between these and how they fit together.

Lesson 2: The Broad Sweep

Lets discover all the topics you can speak on and uncover the themes in your life and work.

Lesson 3: Choose Your Topics and Buckets

Exactly which topics clients are actually willing to pay a speaker for.

Lesson 4: Sub-Topic Identification

How can you stand out in a crowded speaker market. It's about sub-topic identification and even creating your own topic.

Lesson 5: Finding Your Phrase That Pays

There is a reason why the top speakers often have a phrase they are known for. Let's connect your speaking topic to a unique phrase that people will remember.

Lesson 6: Examples

See how other speakers have identified and refined their topic, theme and phrase.

Lesson 7: Choose Hot Topics and Themes

Learn what topics event planners and clients are currently looking for speakers to talk about.

Lesson 8: Linking Your Phrase To Event Themes

We now bring it all together and link your speaking topic and phrase to event themes.

Lesson 9: Q&A

James Taylor answers the most common questions he receives from speakers on how to find the right topic to speak on. 

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Price: $9 USD


Meet Your Instructor

Your instructor on this course is James Taylor, a professional keynote speaker on creativity and artificial intelligence and founder of SpeakersU.

​​​​​​​His mission in life is to unlock the creative potential in people and teams. He holds an MBA with a focus on international business and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (previous fellows include Benjamin Franklin and Nelson Mandela).

​​​​​​​As an international keynote speaker and expert on business creativity he is passionate about delivering experiences on stage which inspire, educate and entertain audiences. He also coaches aspiring and professional speakers through the SpeakersU Membership program.

What People Are Saying About Our Trainings

“I’d heard a lot about James Taylor and I was absolutely impressed by the amount of information he shares. He is probably the best speaker that knows how to use technology and marketing automation. He walks the talk. I’d highly recommend working with James.” - Kiruba Shankar, Speaker and Founder President of Professional Speakers Association of India

"“Seriously inspired but more importantly James showed me how I could succeed with integrity." - Andrea Edwards, Speaker on Social Leadership

"I was still working in another industry when I started following James videos. His interviews and speeches gave me the tools and know-how to take the correct steps and conquer the local speaking market, and then spread to the international market. In the last couple of years, I performed as a speaker in Las Vegas, Stanford University, the Cyprus national FBI academy, TEDx in Greece and Switzerland etc." - Savvas Trichas, Speaker on Body Language

Price: $9 USD